Finding Suitable Locations For Festivals And Work Exhibitions

Work exhibitions are interactive, often serious events where product and service providers showcase their value proposition to potential clients. Festivals on the other hand are fun, interactive and often involve culture, food, drinks and music. These two events have one thing in common- they both require a spacious and versatile venue. If you are organising either of these events, here are the top factors that you ought to consider for venue hire central london.


Do you know where the majority of the festival or exhibition delegates hail from? If you do, then you ought to select a venue that improves their ease of access. In the case that you are not privy to information on where the delegates come from, then a central easily accessible location is preferred. An accessible venue is also one that allows guests to use their preferred mode of transport without inconveniencing them, especially during peak hours when everyone is rushing to work or home.

Venue capacity

Whether you plan to host the festival or exhibition indoors or outdoors, consideration must be made to the expected number of guests.  The venue should be able to hold the maximum number of guests without feeling either too crowded or too spacious. Acquiring information on the capacity of various rooms or spaces within the identified venues is therefore of utmost importance.

The venue layout

Both festivals and exhibitions require a specific layout to work optimally. This layout is dependent on the number of expected guests, the expected direction of traffic flow during the festival or exhibition, availability of enough space for guests to interact and enjoy the activities as well as the preferences of both the organisers and either the exhibitors or performers. In some cases, especially during peak seasons, the ideal venues may not be available. In such cases, it is up to the organisers, in consultation with key stakeholders to decide whether altering the overall setup of the event would have a significant effect on the overall guest experience.

Services offered

In some cases, there are venues that can provide other core services or resources for the exhibition or the festival. A venue that can provide the furniture, the prerequisite props for the exhibition or festival, the service staff, catering services, transport services for the guests, performers and exhibitors as well as the décor makes it easier on you since it reduces the number of vendors required to deliver a successful exhibition or festival.

Acoustics and Sound

Both events have unique sound and acoustics requirements. This way, the level of interference between concurrent activities is drastically reduced. Can the venue accommodate this or are there special arrangements that require to be made? 

Parking Space

Does the venue have enough parking spaces for the expected number of delegates? This is especially important where the event's audience is majorly local and where most attendees are expected to drive to the venue. The inconvenience caused by lack of enough parking spaces could result in lower attendance and therefore lower ticket sales.

Organising any event is a tedious affair but a successful event is not only financially rewarding but also emotionally fulfilling. This success is highly dependent on bagging the most appropriate venue based on the specific event needs and therefore, as an organiser, you should set aside enough time to scout and evaluate various venues.