Finding The Best Venue Location For Events And Exhibitions

When organising an event, most things will revolve around the venue. For example, the range of activities that guests can engage in after the event or during their free time is highly dependent on the location and type of venue. The venue also determines which vendors you can work with -- some venues may restrict this- as well as the overall ambience of the event. Given the great contribution to the overall delegate experience, the decision on the venue should not be taken lightly. But what should you consider when making this decision and especially when considering several places for venue hire central london.

The delegates

The aim of every event or exhibition organiser is to ensure that the delegates not only have a memorable time but that they also get value for their money. In order to achieve this, you must understand your delegates: what kind of places do they frequent, what kind of activities do they engage in during their free time, what kind of ambience would be ideal for them? Do they prefer an indoor or outdoor event or exhibition venue? Do they have any special dietary requirements? These questions ensure that you choose a venue that will appeal to your target audience and therefore contribute to a unique and memorable experience.

Geographical Location

The physical location of the venue is extremely important as it determines accessibility of the event or exhibition through various modes of transport. You must therefore consider the most convenient location for your expected audience. For example, if you are organising an international event or exhibition, ensuring that the venue is near major airports and train stations is an added advantage. For a local event where most attendees will be commuting from their homes, consideration must be made to the traffic flow in the area as this could result in lateness among delegates.

Budgetary considerations

For every event, venue costs take up a great percentage of the overall budget. These spaces usually range from cheap to extremely expensive depending on their amenities, services offered and the actual location. However, there are certain things that you can do to ensure that your venue costs are within the budget. In some cases, venues may be more expensive during certain periods and on certain days. With flexibility on the date, you might bag the best venue at a considerable rate. You may also proposition the venue with an offer that they may not be able to forego. However, this means that you must carry out your research to find out what may be important to them.


What are the technology needs of your event? Will you require high tech projection facilities, public address systems, translation, and telecommunication or live streaming capabilities for your event? If so, what venues have these capabilities? There are certain aspects of events that are much easier to deliver with the use of technology. Ensure that you visit identified venues to gauge whether they have the capabilities to deliver the experience you want.

Multiple services

Is it possible for the venue to offer multiple services such that you only have to deal with a single vendor for your event or exhibition? For example, can they offer furniture, décor, food and beverages, entertainment services, service personnel, technological devices required, transport for the guests and accommodation, where necessary? If they can, this is an added advantage.

There are so many other factors that you must consider when selecting your venue including the layout of the space or rooms, availability of sufficient parking space, access to a secure, fast and reliable Wi-Fi network, insurance and the security of the venue, among others. Also, you must ensure that you give yourself ample time to choose the venue given its impact on the overall event experience.